Milan is the economic capital of Italy, recognized the world over as one of Europe’s most dynamic cities. The powerhouse behind the Lombardy region and northern Italy is home to leading international brands in fashion and design, a growing hub for innovative startups, and a historical center for education and research.

According to PWC, Milan is ranked #1 in financial and business services employment among 30 cities at the heart of the world’s economy and culture. It also ranks #4 in health services. The larger metropolitan area surrounding Milan produces 10% of Italy’s GDP - €144 billion ($160 billion) in 2015 – making it Europe’s 4th largest metropolitan area.

Doing Business in Milan

  • 8 universities, 8 higher institutes of art and music, 200,000 students, 15,000 international students
  • 16 city incubators with various sector focuses, from tech to agri-food, fashion, design, and social innovation
  • 17 institutional investors specialized in innovative business
  • 54 co-working spaces
  • 22% of Italy’s patents
  • 3,000 multinational companies
  • Italy’s Facebook and Google offices
  • Direct access to the rest of Europe by road, rail, or air
  • World’s 3rd largest exhibition space, hosting 51 events with 24,000 exhibitors and 5 million visitors per year
  • In Milan, it takes 2 days to start a company.