Paris is well known as one of the world's top destinations for cuisine, art, and culture. As the home of the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and over 75 Michelin star-rated restaurants, quality of life is one thing that is never lacking in the city of lights. Not only is Paris a great place to live, but it also has a vibrant economy, a growing tech ecosystem, and an entrepreneurial community that is among the best in Europe and the world.

Doing Business in Paris

  • Highest number of European companies funded With Over $500,000
  • Most high-growth startups In Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
  • Ranked #1 in innovation and intellectual capital worldwide By PWC
  • Best Business Conventions And Trade Shows
  • GDP of $712 billion in 2014, making it the world's 19th largest economy if it were its own country
  • The Paris Region has the highest concentration of Fortune Global 500 companies in Europe
  • Paris is home to over 45 incubators, focusing on sectors ranging from Tourism-tech to media, to life sciences, and everything in between
  • In France, it takes only 7 days to Start a company, compared to an average of 22 days in the other G20 countries